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Complete Team Building Guide of AFK Arena in 2022

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

AFK Arena is a hero group card game that arrived in 2019 and has been downloaded and established more than 10 million times from the Google Play store.

The overarching goal of gacha games is to collect heroes. The better you have, the higher your odds of coming up with a team composition that addresses the challenge.

Your finest chance is to land on the best heroes, to begin with, this best team-building guide in AFK Arena. Meanwhile, here is the team-building article you have been looking for.

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What Is AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is an idle RPG game. Enter players worldwide to control an ancient evil from beating the realm of Esperia. Players can earn a personalized team and level up with the great AFK advancement system that is both positive and rewarding.

AFK Arena is a hero grouping card game that came out in 2019 and has downloaded over 10 million bits from the Google Play store. The game's goal is to compile heroes and their unique battle perks to progress via the game's story mode and beat the final boss in the King's Tower.

AFK Arena has shown itself as one of the most timely mobile Gacha games, with around 10 million downloads users and a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play store.

It has a vast cast of memorable characters, the most notable of whom are Hypogeans and Dimensionals, and memorable guest actors such as Assassin's Creed's Ezio Auditore.

Best Teams for the Early Game in AFK Arena

This is an essential part of any gacha since the game is most liberal with the tips it gives you. It is a universal mechanic by now, as designers try to make it seem that playing their game is more satisfying than others.

The better you play, the more obvious it evolves that the initial quantity of prizes brings thinner and thinner to a point where you are not getting much but for a daily average.

To harness this early game growth, you are better off rerolling until you get the following heroes. If you have the best heroes, this is the best team composition to go for via the next section.


Her versatility and uses in the early game are hard to match. She is fine in PvP and accomplishes well against bosses and other game areas, such as Journey of Wonders or the Peaks of Duration.

Shemira is purchasable in the Labyrinth Store and can be obtained from Chapter 7 in the Peaks of time. Belinda's a proper replacement, in case you do not have her early on.


He is an effortless go-to tank that recovers your party, facilitates everyone's injury taken by 75%, delivers damage relief bubbles, and knockbacks enemies. He is got everything you might want from a frontline.


She is a great carry. Her Royal Charge points she goes forward into the opponent to knock them over. Although helpful, this will leave your backline slightly exposed, so set her accordingly if she is upfront.


He is tanky sufficiently to handle a fair part of loss but can also do quite a bit of hurt himself. Level 2 of his Whirlwind causes him to be resistant to Magic Damage, while his Last Gasp causes him to be resistant to all incoming damage for a short period.


Hogan is a dedicated frontline for the earlier game. Level 3 of his Zealous Strike counts a stun to the power, whereas the Knight's Fury harms enemies by ruin.

Best Teams for Mid Game in AFK Arena

Here is one of the best team formations for AFK Arena's midgame in the next section.


Saveas is a better DPS, particularly if we also have Brutus in the formation. He serves well with Nemora because the self-damage from Burning Acrimony will cause her to give him the use of the instead heal usually.


Since his Roar boosts physical damage, any physical-based DPS is in the backline.

Nemora and Arden

These two are not set in their roles. You should be free to move them around to control critical enemies. Aside from existing one of the most potent healers, Nemora will utilize her Beguile to charm an opponent into attacking their allies.

Best Teams for Late Game and PvP in AFK Arena

It is the high period you re-consider your team composition since some teams fare better in endgame scenarios than others which are given below.


The more harm he acquires, the more he does, so we want him in the 1st position top right. If you do not have him, Thoran might be a suitable replacement. He does less DPS overall but is occasionally more durable.


We put our primary damage dealer in the 2nd position so that she receives enough attacks to trigger her ultimate. She might be overcome and not get in Brutus' slot at all, but this spot could not be better since she will still get to cast pretty early on.


The energy cost and attack speed buff only get better. When you reach 201, she shines as a support, and you will never want her out.


Again, the charm is a valuable tool that will carry you all the way. Make sure to move her about to get the best CC results.


So far, these are the most powerful and best, most used AFK Arena team compositions. While you do not have to follow them to the dot, it would help if you could. You can find substitutes for each of these heroes so long as you fulfill the same roles with this article.

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